How An Attorney Can Keep Their Clients Happy

Every attorney knows that winning a case will make their clients happy. However, what can an attorney do before winning a hearing or trial so their clients are happy? The answer is simple communication. In my years working as a paralegal, most of which have been inside corporate legal departments, I have been responsible for not only managing my caseload, but our outside defense counsel as well. On numerous occasions, I have experienced a lack of communication with our outside counsel. There were several occasions where we would have to let firms go not because of any issue with the attorney’s work product. In fact, the ones that we let go were excellent attorneys and had won several cases. They were let go for one simple reason, being unresponsive to our numerous telephone and email inquires. Whether we just checking on the status of a case or had a specific question, if our emails and calls were consistently ignored, it was not taken lightly and really good … [Read More...]

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